High Pressure Jetting

High pressure water jets are generally used in cleaning out footer drains, blasting large clogs, or any grease clogs (which are far too much for a regular drain snake), and are even powerful enough to remove roots. This service is extremely popular with restaurants in the Connecticut area. Restaurant grease clog removal is a specialty at Can Vacuum & Jet. Attempting to operate a high pressure water jet without the proper training is extremely dangerous. Our plumbers are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and are beyond qualified to use this equipment.



We will provide our clients with the highest standards of ethics, performance and professionalism.


Safety is always an integral part of every job we do. Our practices and policies work towards achieving compliance with all applicable regulations, both on a state and federal level. We are sensitive to public health and the environmental, while protecting our customers and employees.


Our goal is to perform at a level that promotes confidence in our capabilities and builds upon our reputation as a respected leader in our industry.


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