Demolition might seem like a task that anyone with a sledgehammer can carry out, but it is important to remember that the demolition process must be carried out in a way that is responsible and safe for the workers and surrounding property. In addition, any area that has asbestos can be hazardous to your health and only professionals should be dealing with this. In order to keep home and business owners safe, C V & J offers demolition services in CT. We place safety as our top priority, which means that our services are guaranteed to protect your family as well as your property from any harm that can come from irresponsible demolition.



We will provide our clients with the highest standards of ethics, performance and professionalism.


Safety is always an integral part of every job we do. Our practices and policies work towards achieving compliance with all applicable regulations, both on a state and federal level. We are sensitive to public health and the environmental, while protecting our customers and employees.


Our goal is to perform at a level that promotes confidence in our capabilities and builds upon our reputation as a respected leader in our industry.


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